[ipxe-devel] can snponly.efi run without NII protocol installed?

丰立波 lbfeng at zd-tech.com.cn
Wed Aug 26 08:31:24 UTC 2020

Hello, Michael,

Thank for the support.

I skip the bs->DisconnectController in the function of efi_driver_connect, and my all protocols installed on a NIC controller can be kept. When bs->ConnectController is called, there already exist the SNP protocol, a new SNP protocol can't be installed. by this way, my own SNP protocol can keep on and serve others.



Best Regards

Feng Libo
ZD Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd

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主题:Re: [ipxe-devel] can snponly.efi run without NII protocol installed?>On 25/08/2020 07:35, 丰立波 wrote:
>> MAC(3C6A2CB0886A, 0x1) is a hardware device, but not on a PCIe bus. Can 
>> iPxe install its own SNP protocol on this kind of device? or iPxe just 
>> use the original SNP protocol on the hardware device?
>As I stated in my previous message:
>It looks as though your custom UEFI driver stack has the incorrect 
>hierarchy of handles.  My guess is that you may have some 
>platform-specific driver providing the MAC(3C6A2CB0866A,0x1) handle as 
>though it were a hardware device, and that your SNP driver then binds to 
>this existing handle and installs EFI_SIMPLE_NETWORK_PROTOCOL as an 
>additional protocol.
>This would be incorrect behaviour: the SNP driver should bind to a 
>hardware device handle and then install EFI_SIMPLE_NETWORK_PROTOCOL onto 
>a new handle.
>Try building with DEBUG=efi_driver:3 (which will dump additional 
>information about the handle before and after disconnection).
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