[ipxe-devel] [ipxe/pipxe] Missing pieces of the quickstart? (#4)

Alex Ellis notifications at github.com
Mon Apr 27 10:17:49 UTC 2020

Hi, I was wanting to try out this tool, but the quickstart seems to carry some implied knowledge, or be missing some steps:

1 Download sdcard.img and write it onto any blank micro SD card using a tool such as dd or Etcher.
2 Insert the micro SD card into your Raspberry Pi.
3 Power on your Raspberry Pi.
Within a few seconds you should see iPXE appear and begin booting from the network:

Is there not the need to configure an iPXE server or target to boot from? It would be appreciated if you could look at including the missing / assumed steps / knowledge in the README or with some hints on how to use the software.

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