[ipxe-devel] ipxe + TPM?

Midnight Sun CTF midnightsunctf at gmail.com
Fri Apr 24 12:16:40 UTC 2020

Cheers, I'm in contact with some fellows fiddling with ipxe and tpm, and I
was wondering if this may be of interest to you developers to get into the
trunk of the product. Things I've heard of include

- Security feature enabling boot from LAN and separation of network traffic
during boot.
- TPM 2.0 in IPXE used to unencrypt key for disk encryption during boot in
diskbooted UEFI
- TPM 2.0 in IPXE used to secure private key during transfer to the host in
the netboot step
- TPM 2.0 in IPXE used to measure and secure that the correct data is
loaded into the system with possibilities to apply updates in a reasonable

Please consider.

BR. /M
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