[ipxe-devel] Issues compiling latest ipxe on FreeBSD 11

Pete French pete at twisted.org.uk
Mon Jan 9 13:44:01 UTC 2017

> Trying to save some memory on load time by compressing if I'm not mistaken.
> Is this with your patch applied? if so it is likely that your patch is
> causing the issue, since it is just printfs maybe you should just
> comment out those and see if that solves this issue?

I thought it was suspicuous to get an error in the only
file I modified, even though it was just some %x -> %lx chnages
in the format (and those printefs are not run anyway), but just to
make sure I tried using an unmodified executable from FreeBSD 10.

That gives the same issue, so the problem is iether with the shared
libraries it links against, or with the input data. As I am seeing
warnings from objcopy on 111 that I dont on 10 then thats the most
likely culprit now for me, but I want to test the other
hypothesis too.

Is there a way to persuade make to show me the actual commands instead
of the pretty progress stuff it does currently ? That way I can see
what it is actually doing.



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