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Debian bug 730910 was noticing that their package did not have a build
dependency on libiberty-dev, but instead of adding a build dependency, they
just did not link against it, which would lead one to suspect that it is
not needed, I have not found a description of what iberty does, so I can
not guess what it was used for, the only three references I can find are
the package description for libiberty-dev, that bug and the 0002 patch in
the debian source package for ipxe. This is why I was seeking guidance.

On Sun, Sep 13, 2015 at 11:43 AM, Robin Smidsrød <robin at smidsrod.no> wrote:

> On 12.09.2015 02:49, Ben Hildred wrote:
> > I was upgrading  the version of ipxe that qemu uses on debian, so I
> > started looking at the patches that debian applies. I think we want to
> > act on both of them, but let's start with patch 0002 which drops the
> > library dependency on iberty (per bug 730910) The patch simply drops the
> > linking of the library completely, no code change just a one line change
> > to linker flags in the makefile. Since this appears to work, do we want
> > to follows suite or is the library used on some platforms? iberty is an
> > internal compatibility shim from gcc (I think) and explicitly does not
> > have a stable api. If we are using it I think we should have a close
> > look at why, If not we should drop the linker flags.
> Do you have some links to these references you mention? We have noticed
> that on Ubuntu you need to install libiberty-dev to get ipxe to link
> properly. I'm not entirely sure if we use any of the features of
> "iberty", so it would be interesting to hear why it's currently needed
> and why Debian decided to yank it out.
> -- Robin
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