[ipxe-devel] needed libraries?

Robin Smidsrød robin at smidsrod.no
Sun Sep 13 17:43:10 UTC 2015

On 12.09.2015 02:49, Ben Hildred wrote:
> I was upgrading  the version of ipxe that qemu uses on debian, so I
> started looking at the patches that debian applies. I think we want to
> act on both of them, but let's start with patch 0002 which drops the
> library dependency on iberty (per bug 730910) The patch simply drops the
> linking of the library completely, no code change just a one line change
> to linker flags in the makefile. Since this appears to work, do we want
> to follows suite or is the library used on some platforms? iberty is an
> internal compatibility shim from gcc (I think) and explicitly does not
> have a stable api. If we are using it I think we should have a close
> look at why, If not we should drop the linker flags.

Do you have some links to these references you mention? We have noticed
that on Ubuntu you need to install libiberty-dev to get ipxe to link
properly. I'm not entirely sure if we use any of the features of
"iberty", so it would be interesting to hear why it's currently needed
and why Debian decided to yank it out.

-- Robin

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