[ipxe-devel] needed libraries?

Ben Hildred 42656e at gmail.com
Sat Sep 12 00:49:56 UTC 2015

I was upgrading  the version of ipxe that qemu uses on debian, so I started
looking at the patches that debian applies. I think we want to act on both
of them, but let's start with patch 0002 which drops the library dependency
on iberty (per bug 730910) The patch simply drops the linking of the
library completely, no code change just a one line change to linker flags
in the makefile. Since this appears to work, do we want to follows suite or
is the library used on some platforms? iberty is an internal compatibility
shim from gcc (I think) and explicitly does not have a stable api. If we
are using it I think we should have a close look at why, If not we should
drop the linker flags.

Ben Hildred
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