[ipxe-devel] Custom syslog port

Michael Schaller misch at google.com
Thu Nov 12 12:56:30 UTC 2020

> Any particular reason why the central syslog service needs to use
> separate ports per host?  As an RFC-defined protocol, syslog expects to
> receive messages from multiple hosts anyway, and every syslog
> implementation I've seen has the ability to utilise the remote host
> address in onward routing.

We do automated installation testing for a whole array of different
hardware models (similar to https://autotest.github.io/).
Each machine logs to a dedicated syslog endpoint so that we have one
dedicated log per installation attempt per machine.
We create these syslog endpoints on demand per installation attempt
per machine on a central syslog service to collect the installer logs.
As this central syslog service needs to provide many syslog endpoints
at a given time we use whatever port is available when we create a new
A syslog endpoint will be given to the respective installer via an on
demand created ipxe script and it would be nice if we could also
collect the syslog of that on demand created ipxe script.

> It wouldn't be a big code change to allow a custom port to be specified,
> but I'd want to be convinced that it was necessary.

I'm aware that this is an incredibly exotic setup and this would be a
nice to have for us. So feel free to deny this feature request. ;-)



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