[ipxe-devel] iPXE Bug (and fix) reporting

Geert Stappers geert.stappers at hendrikx-itc.nl
Thu Jan 31 08:59:45 UTC 2019


On Wed, Jan 30, 2019 at 08:44:55PM +0000, Dentcho Ludmilov Bankov wrote:
> Hello iPXE Team,
> I’d like to ask if you accept bug reports (with  fix proposals)


> and if you do, what is the procedure?

like Linux kernel development: patches  from git

Example given http://lists.ipxe.org/pipermail/ipxe-devel/2018-December/006397.html

The mailinglist has more examples. Search for "[PATCH"
at http://lists.ipxe.org/pipermail/ipxe-devel/2019-January/thread.html

Geert Stappers
DevOps Engineer at Hendrikx ITC

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