[ipxe-devel] wimboot and winpe behavior

Marcel Petersen Marcel.Petersen at sbe.de
Mon Sep 10 07:54:51 UTC 2018

Hi Christian,

Thanks for your reply!
The gui parameter worked just fine for my issues.
I didn’t consider trying that parameter before due to its description on the website.


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On Fri, 7 Sep 2018 at 22:37, Marcel Petersen <Marcel.Petersen at sbe.de<mailto:Marcel.Petersen at sbe.de>> wrote:

I was wondering if anyone has any idea why winpe behaves different if booted via wimboot or booted with any other method.
There was this mailing going around and the issue is still a thing.

Please refer to:

Best regards

It would be good if you specify your exact issues here...
Is Graphics an issue? Are you starting wimboot with the gui parameter? (if not it modifies some registers to try and prevent graphics mode as much as possible)
Is it an USB nic that are having issues after boot without unplugging? But works after replug? If so what is the exact NIC VID & PID?
Which iPXE binary are you using? (as in which command was used to build it, is it pcbios or EFI and which driver is included/used by iPXE)
Are you using sanhook or sanboot?

Are you using standard BCD file or is it modified in any way? (for example set to only use once CPU)

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