[ipxe-devel] Docking USB-C Lenovo

Álvaro Javier Gasco Fernández agascof at gmail.com
Tue Oct 9 06:24:51 UTC 2018

Good Morning list!!

My name is Alvaro and this is the first time that i write to the list.
First of all i want to thanks to the team for this incredible work done in
this project.

Second one, i would like to explain a problema that i have with two of my
laptops. I have a lenovo T480s and a L480 with an USB-C Docking. When i
launch the network boot with the USB-C Docking connected and IPXE starts,
the process is frozen at Windows Logo.

IPXE recognizes the network and gives me an address but after that, no more
things happened.

Can you help me with that?? If you need more info, of course, i will give
you as soon as possible.

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