[ipxe-devel] Howto boot from a non-pxe nic?

Oliver Rath oliver at greenunit.de
Mon Nov 26 12:40:09 UTC 2018

Hi Geert!

On 26.11.18 09:54, Geert Stappers wrote:
> On Sun, Nov 25, 2018 at 07:47:16PM +0100, Oliver Rath wrote:
>> [..]
>> Is there a possibility to force the Delock-Card (via ipxe.usb)?
> Not force, but source.  As in "Use the source Luke".
> The problem of the Original Poster is having hardware
> that isn't yet supported by iPXE.
I know, that this card is not supported natively. But the bigger thing
for me is, that the card is generally not able to netboot.
> And O.P. is not aware that iPXE uses drivers from Linux. [1]

Ok, this I didnt know.

> What O.P. needs to do:
>  * Boot into Linux
>  * Find PCI ID of the 10GB NIC and which driver it uses
>  * Combine Linux source and iPXE source

Independent of the case, that Im not very experienced in C-Programming,
this probably would *not* solve my problem, because this card have no
(overloadable) Firmware for netboot.

Imho ipxe should show the card (incl. BusID) in the config command. But
this I can try: Implementing the BusID into the ipxe-Source. Mayby this
helps. And normally every nic should work with undionly, shouldnt it?

>  * Do further enginering [2]
>  * Send a patch to this nice Open Source project

Ive sent patches to Open Source projects (i.e. dnsmasq), thats not the
point. If i were able to do this, I surely will.

> [1] The same idea as https://www.linuxboot.org/

Thats an interesting alternative!



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