[ipxe-devel] branding patch

Michael Brown mcb30 at ipxe.org
Fri Mar 23 10:45:12 UTC 2018

On 23/03/18 02:04, David Yeske wrote:
> I recently wanted to build a custom version of the ipxe firmware by 
> creating the following file.
> % cat src/config/local/uefi/branding.h
> #define PRODUCT_TAG_LINE "uefi Network Firmware"
> When I compiled and ran ipxe, it did not appear to pick up the change.  
> I looked through the source code and I think the branding code is 
> missing some information.  I have created a patch as follows which is 
> working for me.

It's a deliberate design choice that not all config headers have the 
ability to include a NAMED_CONFIG() portion.  If we were to include this 
in all config headers, then we would basically end up rebuilding the 
entire codebase whenever the value of CONFIG=... changed.

The patch is fine, but we need some kind of justification to include 
config/branding.h within the set of named-config headers.


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