[ipxe-devel] branding patch

David Yeske dyeske at gmail.com
Fri Mar 23 02:04:32 UTC 2018

I recently wanted to build a custom version of the ipxe firmware by
creating the following file.

% cat src/config/local/uefi/branding.h
#define PRODUCT_TAG_LINE "uefi Network Firmware"

When I compiled and ran ipxe, it did not appear to pick up the change.  I
looked through the source code and I think the branding code is missing
some information.  I have created a patch as follows which is working for

I hope a shar is acceptable in an email body.  If not is there an official
way to submit a patch?

# This is a shell archive.  Save it in a file, remove anything before
# this line, and then unpack it by entering "sh file".  Note, it may
# create directories; files and directories will be owned by you and
# have default permissions.
# This archive contains:
#       .
#       ./patch-ipxe
echo c - .
mkdir -p . > /dev/null 2>&1
echo x - ./patch-ipxe
sed 's/^X//' >./patch-ipxe << '456ea0ae3e660f280fff15ecc6fbcf74'
Xdiff --git a/src/config/branding.h b/src/config/branding.h
Xindex 73f00af9..69fcec62 100644
X--- a/src/config/branding.h
X+++ b/src/config/branding.h
X@@ -169,6 +169,9 @@ FILE_LICENCE ( GPL2_OR_LATER_OR_UBDL );
X  */
X #define PRODUCT_SETTING_URI "http://ipxe.org/cfg/%s"
X+#include <config/named.h>
X+#include NAMED_CONFIG(branding.h)
X #include <config/local/branding.h>
X+#include LOCAL_NAMED_CONFIG(branding.h)
X #endif /* CONFIG_BRANDING_H */

David Yeske
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