[ipxe-devel] Bad ELF file being created on FreeBSD

Pete French pete at twisted.org.uk
Sun Jan 28 14:11:37 UTC 2018

I build iPXE on FreeBSD. When I moved from 10 to 11 it ceased to
work with the inbuold objcopy. It still worked with the GNU one
so I switched to that and filed a bug report, including an upload
of the ELF file created by the iPXE build process which was being
passed to objcopy.

Now, I havent paid much attention to the bug reprit, but it appears
someone got around to looking at it, and the ELF file produced out of
the iPXE build is illegal accoprding to the spec, as per the comment


So this now looks like its a problem with iPXE and not FreeBSD.
I always use gcc to compile iPXE, not the native FreeBSD compiler (clang)
so its not a change in comilr which has caused this. Am a bit puzzled
and wondered if anyne else could look at it ?

For the revord, you can install binutils form ports and do this to
make it work...

	gmake HOST_CC=gcc6 CC=gcc6 OBJCOPY=/usr/local/bin/objcopy bin/ipxe.pxe

But out of the box it does not, and its not obvious how to fix it to
ayone trying to build it for the first time, so should probably be addressed.
Will try and take a look myself when I have some time.


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