[ipxe-devel] delay on connection to ISCSI (double connection establishment)

Armin Ranjbar zoup at zoup.org
Sat Jan 13 09:42:19 UTC 2018


having a very strange problem here, it appears that connection is
established twice to iscsi and at some phases, it takes a long time.

log: http://pastecode.org/index.php/view/23465877
script: http://pastecode.org/index.php/view/80532914

now, two things:

* looking at the log, there is 20 seconds delay after "Entering Security
negotiation" and "Entering Operational negotiation".
* connection is established again after writing ibft and before starting PE.

also it worth noting that
returns 2 after each boot, means that Ipxe in fact tried two times to login.
Armin ranjbar
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