[ipxe-devel] November wimboot patches for Syslinux

Max max at dontlookhere.net
Sun Dec 30 16:35:40 UTC 2018

Hello all,

I have just joined the list. I am familiar with compiling things in *nix
and some C, but have never done any real programming in C.

I have been trying to get wimboot to work in or via Grub2 EFI.

I downloaded the patches sent to this list in November from Friedemann.  It
may have been the way I downloaded them, but for every one of the search
lines, I had to remove a leading space.  Additionally, it looks like the
second email/patch has the patch text 2x separated by a shell prompt.

After that, the additional function efi_add_file in efifile.c was not also
added to the header file.  I don't know if that is something that I should
just know to run a command to auto regenerate or just an oversight.

The addition of efi_add_file includes a line directly above which only
contains "int".  Comparing that function to the functions around it made me
think int should begin the same line as the function efi_add_file.

After adding the function to efifile.h :
extern int efi_add_file ( const char *name, void *data, size_t len);

I got farther, however my system did not understand the -liberty flag to
gcc/cc .  I looked around a bit, but did not find a reference to the flag
in the documentation so I removed it.

The binary then compiles and boots via normal methods.  It did not improve
booting via grub2 from USB.

The patch was designed for Syslinux though, so I will test that next.

If anyone can fill me in on the -liberty flag or what should have been done
with headers file that would be appreciated.  Any other suggestions and
comments are also appreciated, but I suspect out of the scope of this list.

Thank you in advance,

Ah, almost forgot I'm compiling on 64-bit Ubuntu 18.04.1 .
gcc (Ubuntu 7.3.0-27ubuntu1~18.04) 7.3.0
Wimboot was cloned from the git repo on the iPXE domain and is up-to-date.
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