[ipxe-devel] SOLVED, but open questions [was Re: build error for ipxe.efi]

Oliver Rath oliver at greenunit.de
Wed Jun 28 14:07:21 UTC 2017

Hallo Michael!

On 28.06.2017 15:50, Michael Brown wrote:
> On 28/06/17 14:44, Oliver Rath new wrote:
>> Enabling "IPXE_CMD" resulted in build fail of ipxe.efi binary (what
>> is it good for?).
> Is that a typo?  There is no "IPXE_CMD" anywhere in the codebase.
ok, youre right, its this in the general.h file:

//#define PXE_CMD               /* PXE commands */

> [..]
> appears to iPXE as just "X".  You can work around this by pressing
> "ESC" "X" instead:
ok, great to know, thanks!
> [..]
> You can turn on Secure Boot, which would fail to boot your iPXE binary
> unless you had signed it with a key accepted by the UEFI BIOS.  The
> fact that your home-built iPXE binary is accepted indicates that you
> do not have Secure Boot enabled.

Ok, you're right again, uefi boot is on, but secure boot is off at the

What can I do to get the "right" signing key for signing my binary and
putting it into the uefi bios? If I understand right, Im able to put own
keys in my computer in "custum mode". In my case (Fujitsu Esprimo Q556
with skylake chipset) Im able to append my own keys with an usb-stick
into the bios. How do I get the correct key file from ipxe for this?

In my UEFI-Bios I have "Key Exhange Key" and "Authorized Signatures". Is
there some documentation for understanding this better in practise?


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