[ipxe-devel] iPXE iSCSI Connection Reset - seems to be an issue since 2011

Navid Mohaghegh navid at eecs.yorku.ca
Tue Jun 6 14:18:09 UTC 2017

Hi Michael,

You are right this seems to be at the TC layer. I added "set 
netX/gateway" to my menu file and all is good.

Thank you,

On 6/6/17 10:14 AM, Michael Brown wrote:
> On 05/06/17 12:44, Navid Mohaghegh wrote:
>> I get connection reset on a simple Sanhook. This seems to be an 
>> outstanding issue from 2011 as I can see folks reporting this for a 
>> long time 
>> (http://lists.ipxe.org/pipermail/ipxe-devel/2011-February/000266.html).
> The error message you are seeing is a generic TCP connection reset. 
> From the error URL (http://ipxe.org/0f0a6039), you can see that this 
> is generated by the TCP layer and is entirely unrelated to iSCSI.
> Did you try following the advice on the error page?  In particular, 
> have you captured a packet trace so that you can see what is happening 
> on the wire?
>> Did anyone tested iSCSI functionality in iPXE?
> I test any iSCSI changes against LIO (aka targetcli) on latest Fedora. 
> Standard tests include booting MS-DOS (which stress tests the INT 13 
> API), Linux, and Windows.
> Michael
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