[ipxe-devel] HTTP ISO and Sanhook

Armin Ranjbar zoup at zoup.org
Sat Dec 9 22:49:54 UTC 2017

Thanks for the reply, I was testing with sanhook and tried sanbook - - keep
just to experiment, it was my understanding that these two are the same.

Happens both with windows 7 and 10.

Lun image is newly created and empty.

On Dec 9, 2017 7:48 PM, "Shao Miller" <ipxe at sha0.net> wrote:

> Which Windows ISO are you trying to boot?
> Also: my memory is rusty, but I'm not sure how you're getting past your
> first 'sanboot' command.  If it boots that SAN, it will never reach the
> second 'sanboot' command.  If it doesn't boot that SAN, I would expect it
> to cause your iPXE script to terminate, meaning it still wouldn't reach the
> second 'sanboot' command.  Perhaps your SAN is not currently empty and you
> are seeing the result of booting it and not the ISO.  Trying erasing your
> SAN with DD, perhaps.
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