[ipxe-devel] HTTP ISO and Sanhook

Shao Miller ipxe at sha0.net
Sat Dec 9 16:18:17 UTC 2017

Which Windows ISO are you trying to boot?

Also: my memory is rusty, but I'm not sure how you're getting past your 
first 'sanboot' command.  If it boots that SAN, it will never reach the 
second 'sanboot' command.  If it doesn't boot that SAN, I would expect 
it to cause your iPXE script to terminate, meaning it still wouldn't 
reach the second 'sanboot' command.  Perhaps your SAN is not currently 
empty and you are seeing the result of booting it and not the ISO.  
Trying erasing your SAN with DD, perhaps.

Shao Miller
Synthetel Corporation
W: https://www.synthetel.com

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