[ipxe-devel] [PATCH 0/4] Network driver for Solarflare SFC8XXX adapters

Martin Habets mhabets at solarflare.com
Fri Apr 7 09:44:46 UTC 2017

This patch series provides network driver support for the Solarflare SFN8XXX
adapters, which consist of SFN8522, SFN8542 and SFN8722.
We will add support for newer hardware to this driver going forward.
There is no plan to integrate the existing SFN4000 driver (provided in the
etherfabric.[ch] files) into the new code base, as that is now legacy hardware.

All source file are in a new subdirectory src/drivers/net/sfc/.
The file names and structure has been kept mostly in sync with our gPXE and
Linux drivers, to keep it easy for us to port fixes and improvements.
Internally this new driver is a separate code base from those.
This driver structure also makes it straight-forward for us to add a new
hardware generation.

This initial patch series is for a driver that passes our internal tests, plus
all those at http://ipxe.org/dev/driver.
It has been tested against commit 1ff1eebcf7a9. To build a ROM file for these
adapters do:
  make bin/19240a03.mrom
This mrom file can be programmed into flash using our sfutils tools, a suitable
version of which will be provided at https://support.solarflare.com/.

Other build products such as ipxe.iso and ipxe.lkrn have also been tested.
This driver does not provide flash access yet, support for that will be
added later using incremental patches.

We will monitor this mailing list, but for questions and support we can be
contacted at pre-boot-drivers at solarflare.com.

Best regards,
Martin Habets

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