[ipxe-devel] HTTP2

Ján ONDREJ (SAL) ondrejj at salstar.sk
Fri Mar 25 06:47:24 UTC 2016


  there are problems to connect to HTTP2 enabled servers. They send this

  Connection: Upgrade, close

which can't be parsed and fails with:

  Operation not supported (http://ipxe.org/3c0c6103)

I think there will be more servers with HTTP2 support enabled.
I think there is no need to fully support HTTP2, but at least do not fail
on connection to these servers.

You can try it using this URL:

  chain https://www.salstar.sk/boot/menu.ipxe

Same file with disabled HTTP2 support:

  chain http://boot.salstar.sk/menu.ipxe



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