[ipxe-devel] putty and ipxe over serial port

Owen Mann owen-javanet at rcn.com
Mon Apr 11 22:21:59 UTC 2016

Not sure about the Putty part; I'd hope there was some kind of VT100 emulation you could turn on.

As for the "jumpy cursor", is this a server? It sounds like Console Redirection is turned on in the BIOS. That doesn't play well 
with serial console.

On 04/11/16 16:56, Maule Mark wrote:
> Hi:
> I'm fairly new to iPXE.  I'm connecting a putty session to an iPXE shell across a 9600 baud serial port (COM1).  My connection is 
> via telnet to a terminal server port wired to the serial port.
> No matter what Putty settings I try for character set (UTF-8) or terminal type, I cannot seem to get a fully usable 80x25 putty 
> window.  Generally what happens is that I get an iPXE> prompt, but the cursor goes back to some line, and any characters I type 
> end up in column 0 on that line.  Commands such as 'help' work, but character input is spotty (dropped characters) and usually I 
> only get a handful of lines of output before the output wraps up to an earlier line (not necessarily the first line of the Putty 
> window).
> I've tried all kinds of things, disabling all of the non-serial consoles and can't get any different results.  Anyone have any 
> ideas/thoughts on this?
> On a similar note, is there any way to filter out the ANSI sequences so Putty doesn't have to deal with them?  I see syslog/vmware 
> consoles seem to do that, but not sure if that will work for a serial console.
> thanks
> Mark
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