[ipxe-devel] putty and ipxe over serial port

Maule Mark mark_maule at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 11 20:56:10 UTC 2016

I'm fairly new to iPXE.  I'm connecting a putty session to an iPXE shell across a 9600 baud serial port (COM1).  My connection is via telnet to a terminal server port wired to the serial port.
No matter what Putty settings I try for character set (UTF-8) or terminal type, I cannot seem to get a fully usable 80x25 putty window.  Generally what happens is that I get an iPXE> prompt, but the cursor goes back to some line, and any characters I type end up in column 0 on that line.  Commands such as 'help' work, but character input is spotty (dropped characters) and usually I only get a handful of lines of output before the output wraps up to an earlier line (not necessarily the first line of the Putty window).
I've tried all kinds of things, disabling all of the non-serial consoles and can't get any different results.  Anyone have any ideas/thoughts on this?
On a similar note, is there any way to filter out the ANSI sequences so Putty doesn't have to deal with them?  I see syslog/vmware consoles seem to do that, but not sure if that will work for a serial console.

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