[ipxe-devel] - Chainload WDS/SCCM2012 server, with hp8570w and undionly.kpxe, WinPE freezing...

Torgeir.Wulfsberg at kongsberg.com Torgeir.Wulfsberg at kongsberg.com
Thu Nov 19 12:08:41 UTC 2015


From iPXE we have been doing chainloading to a SCCM2012 server, with this (simple example script):

# start file
set net0.dhcp/filename SMSBoot\\x86\\wdsnbp.com

# sccm2012 server ip
set net0.dhcp/next-server

# boot that

It has been working fine until we recently got trouble on some machines (we have a lot of different hardware).
Because of this we alternate between a "ipxe.pxe" and a "undionly.kpxe" image based on nic vendor device id VVVVDDDD.
I have updated iPXE to the latest version available to this date.

This specific machine an HP 8570w (updated to the latest bios from hp).
Booting this 8570w with our "undionly.kpxe" image, and running this script above manually results in a strange behavior.

We see the well known, WDS takeover (Press F12 for network service boot).
Downloads fine (boot.wim takes about 2 minutes), just before WinPE starts graphical, it just freeze (forever, days, screen is just black).

Booting this 8570w again in "ipxe.pxe" image works fine (has a slower tftp fetch of boot.wim, actually 9 minutes), but it works.

I know we could use "wimboot", but then we have to find a good solution, whenever they update boot.wim with new drivers etc.
Perhaps a IIS http service on the SCCM server, but with different types/profiles to these pe images it may get messy, and very unpractical when doing testing.

Since this works fine with "ipxe.pxe" image, and "undionly.kpxe" is freezing, I wonder if "undi-something" could have some bug??

If I can assist in debugging this, just tell me what to do.



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