[ipxe-devel] %lld format patch

Michael Brown mcb30 at ipxe.org
Fri Nov 6 12:36:35 UTC 2015

On 04/11/15 09:35, James Harper wrote:
>> vsprintf.c currently deliberately omits support for %lld in order to
>> avoid needing to drag in the support for 64-bit divisions.  I note that
>> there is (my) code in time.c, ocsp.c and x509.c which erroneou uses
>> %lld in debug messages to display seconds since the Epoch.
> Ah. I assumed that because %llx was in there, %lld would also work, and noted that %lld was used by a bunch of DBG statements. %llx presumably shifts rather than divides though.

Yes, %llx just shifts.

>> I would be tempted to amend these debug messages to use %#llx, rather
>> than adding either incomplete or partial support for %lld, but I'm open
>> to argument here.  What's your use case for %lld?
> I am sending the lba as a text string (part of the path retrieved by tftp)

Is this for your custom SAN protocol?  If that's the only use case, then 
I'm tempted to propose that you send %#llx from iPXE and change the 
server side to use strtoull() or equivalent, which would then accept 
either decimal or hex.

>> Even with this patch, the upper 32 bits (on a 32-bit platform) will be
>> discarded when passed to format_decimal().
> What is a 32 bit platform in this context? Will it only fail to work if the CPU itself is incapable of 64 bit mode?

The value gets cast to a signed long when it is passed to 
format_decimal().  For a 32-bit built (i.e. a BIOS build), this will 
truncate the value to 32 bits.


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