[ipxe-devel] Compilation error since git pull

Patrick Agrain patrick.agrain at alcatel-lucent.com
Tue Mar 17 07:44:53 UTC 2015


A week ago, I've made a 'git pull' on my ipxe repository. Since that 
time the igb driver that I added several weeks ago (and successfully 
compiled and tested on a Mohon Peak CRB) does not compile anymore with 
following error:

[root at localhost src]# make clean
rm -f bin{,-*}/*.* bin{,-*}/.certificate.* bin{,-*}/.certificates.* 
bin{,-*}/.private_key.* bin{,-*}/errors bin{,-*}/NIC ./util/zbin 
./util/elf2efi32 ./util/elf2efi64 ./util/efirom ./util/efifatbin 
./util/iccfix ./util/einfo TAGS bin{,-*}/symtab
[root at localhost src]#
[root at localhost src]# make -j3 bin/80861f41.rom EMBED=./scripts/oxe.ipxe
   [DEPS] arch/i386/image/comboot.c
   [DEPS] arch/i386/image/com32.c
   [DEPS] usr/autoboot.c
   [DEPS] hci/commands/fcmgmt_cmd.c
   [DEPS] crypto/privkey.c
   [DEPS] crypto/deflate.c
   [DEPS] crypto/certstore.c
   [DEPS] tests/string_test.c
   [DEPS] tests/math_test.c
   [DEPS] interface/xen/xengrant.c
   [DEPS] interface/efi/efi_snp_hii.c
   [DEPS] interface/efi/efi_file.c
   [DEPS] drivers/usb/xhci.c
   [DEPS] drivers/usb/usbnet.c
   [DEPS] drivers/usb/usbhub.c
   [DEPS] drivers/infiniband/hermon.c
   [DEPS] drivers/infiniband/arbel.c
   [DEPS] drivers/net/efi/nii.c
   [DEPS] drivers/net/w89c840.c
   [DEPS] drivers/net/tulip.c
   [DEPS] drivers/net/tlan.c
   [DEPS] drivers/net/sundance.c
   [DEPS] drivers/net/smsc75xx.c
   [DEPS] drivers/net/smc9000.c
   [DEPS] drivers/net/sis900.c
   [DEPS] drivers/net/prism2_plx.c
   [DEPS] drivers/net/prism2_pci.c
   [DEPS] drivers/net/ns8390.c
   [DEPS] drivers/net/ne2k_isa.c
   [DEPS] drivers/net/ncm.c
   [DEPS] drivers/net/epic100.c
   [DEPS] drivers/net/eepro.c
   [DEPS] drivers/net/ecm.c
   [DEPS] drivers/net/dmfe.c
   [DEPS] drivers/net/dm96xx.c
   [DEPS] drivers/net/davicom.c
   [DEPS] drivers/net/cs89x0.c
   [DEPS] drivers/net/bnx2.c
   [DEPS] drivers/net/amd8111e.c
   [DEPS] drivers/net/3c5x9.c
   [DEPS] drivers/net/3c595.c
   [DEPS] drivers/net/3c529.c
   [DEPS] drivers/net/3c515.c
   [DEPS] drivers/bus/virtio-ring.c
   [DEPS] drivers/bus/virtio-pci.c
   [DEPS] drivers/bus/usb.c
   [DEPS] drivers/bus/cdc.c
   [DEPS] image/embedded.c
   [DEPS] net/udp/tftp.c
   [DEPS] net/udp/slam.c
   [DEPS] net/tcp/httpcore.c
   [DEPS] net/tcpip.c
   [DEPS] core/settings.c
   [DEPS] core/profile.c
   [DEPS] core/malloc.c
   [DEPS] core/iobuf.c
   [BUILD] bin/__divdi3.o
   [BUILD] bin/icc.o
   [BUILD] bin/memcpy.o
   [BUILD] bin/__moddi3.o
   [BUILD] bin/__udivdi3.o
   [BUILD] bin/__udivmoddi4.o
   [BUILD] bin/__umoddi3.o
   [BUILD] bin/acpi.o
   [BUILD] bin/ansicol.o
   [BUILD] bin/ansicoldef.o
   [BUILD] bin/ansiesc.o
   [BUILD] bin/asprintf.o
   [BUILD] bin/assert.o
   [BUILD] bin/base16.o
   [BUILD] bin/base64.o
   [BUILD] bin/basename.o
   [BUILD] bin/bitmap.o
   [BUILD] bin/blockdev.o
   [BUILD] bin/console.o
   [BUILD] bin/cpio.o
   [BUILD] bin/ctype.o
   [BUILD] bin/cwuri.o
   [BUILD] bin/debug.o
   [BUILD] bin/debug_md5.o
   [BUILD] bin/device.o
   [BUILD] bin/downloader.o
   [BUILD] bin/edd.o
   [BUILD] bin/errno.o
   [BUILD] bin/exec.o
   [BUILD] bin/fbcon.o
   [BUILD] bin/fnrec.o
   [BUILD] bin/gdbserial.o
   [BUILD] bin/gdbstub.o
   [BUILD] bin/gdbudp.o
   [BUILD] bin/getkey.o
   [BUILD] bin/getopt.o
   [BUILD] bin/hw.o
   [BUILD] bin/i82365.o
   [BUILD] bin/image.o
   [BUILD] bin/init.o
   [BUILD] bin/interface.o
   [BUILD] bin/iobuf.o
   [BUILD] bin/isqrt.o
   [BUILD] bin/job.o
   [BUILD] bin/linebuf.o
   [BUILD] bin/lineconsole.o
   [BUILD] bin/list.o
   [BUILD] bin/log.o
   [BUILD] bin/main.o
   [BUILD] bin/malloc.o
   [BUILD] bin/memblock.o
   [BUILD] bin/memmap_settings.o
   [BUILD] bin/menu.o
   [BUILD] bin/monojob.o
   [BUILD] bin/null_nap.o
   [BUILD] bin/null_reboot.o
   [BUILD] bin/null_sanboot.o
   [BUILD] bin/null_time.o
   [BUILD] bin/nvo.o
   [BUILD] bin/open.o
   [BUILD] bin/params.o
   [BUILD] bin/parseopt.o
   [BUILD] bin/pc_kbd.o
   [BUILD] bin/pcmcia.o
   [BUILD] bin/pending.o
   [BUILD] bin/pinger.o
   [BUILD] bin/pixbuf.o
   [BUILD] bin/posix_io.o
   [BUILD] bin/process.o
   [BUILD] bin/profile.o
   [BUILD] bin/random.o
   [BUILD] bin/refcnt.o
   [BUILD] bin/resolv.o
   [BUILD] bin/serial.o
   [BUILD] bin/serial_console.o
   [BUILD] bin/settings.o
   [BUILD] bin/string.o
   [BUILD] bin/stringextra.o
   [BUILD] bin/time.o
   [BUILD] bin/timer.o
   [BUILD] bin/uri.o
   [BUILD] bin/uuid.o
   [BUILD] bin/vsprintf.o
   [BUILD] bin/wchar.o
   [BUILD] bin/xferbuf.o
   [BUILD] bin/xfer.o
   [BUILD] bin/aoe.o
   [BUILD] bin/arp.o
   [BUILD] bin/dhcpopts.o
   [BUILD] bin/dhcppkt.o
   [BUILD] bin/eapol.o
   [BUILD] bin/ethernet.o
   [BUILD] bin/eth_slow.o
   [BUILD] bin/fakedhcp.o
   [BUILD] bin/fc.o
   [BUILD] bin/fcels.o
   [BUILD] bin/fcns.o
   [BUILD] bin/fcoe.o
   [BUILD] bin/fcp.o
   [BUILD] bin/fragment.o
   [BUILD] bin/icmp.o
   [BUILD] bin/icmpv4.o
   [BUILD] bin/icmpv6.o
   [BUILD] bin/infiniband.o
   [BUILD] bin/iobpad.o
   [BUILD] bin/ipv4.o
   [BUILD] bin/ipv6.o
   [BUILD] bin/ndp.o
   [BUILD] bin/neighbour.o
   [BUILD] bin/netdevice.o
   [BUILD] bin/netdev_settings.o
   [BUILD] bin/nullnet.o
   [BUILD] bin/ping.o
   [BUILD] bin/rarp.o
   [BUILD] bin/retry.o
   [BUILD] bin/rndis.o
   [BUILD] bin/socket.o
   [BUILD] bin/tcp.o
   [BUILD] bin/tcpip.o
   [BUILD] bin/tls.o
   [BUILD] bin/udp.o
   [BUILD] bin/validator.o
   [BUILD] bin/vlan.o
   [BUILD] bin/mount.o
   [BUILD] bin/nfs.o
   [BUILD] bin/nfs_open.o
   [BUILD] bin/nfs_uri.o
   [BUILD] bin/oncrpc_iob.o
   [BUILD] bin/portmap.o
   [BUILD] bin/ftp.o
   [BUILD] bin/http.o
   [BUILD] bin/httpcore.o
   [BUILD] bin/https.o
   [BUILD] bin/iscsi.o
   [BUILD] bin/oncrpc.o
   [BUILD] bin/syslogs.o
   [BUILD] bin/dhcp.o
   [BUILD] bin/dhcpv6.o
   [BUILD] bin/dns.o
   [BUILD] bin/slam.o
   [BUILD] bin/syslog.o
   [BUILD] bin/tftp.o
   [BUILD] bin/ib_cm.o
   [BUILD] bin/ib_cmrc.o
   [BUILD] bin/ib_mcast.o
   [BUILD] bin/ib_mi.o
   [BUILD] bin/ib_packet.o
   [BUILD] bin/ib_pathrec.o
   [BUILD] bin/ib_sma.o
   [BUILD] bin/ib_smc.o
   [BUILD] bin/ib_srp.o
   [BUILD] bin/net80211.o
   [BUILD] bin/rc80211.o
   [BUILD] bin/sec80211.o
   [BUILD] bin/wep.o
   [BUILD] bin/wpa.o
   [BUILD] bin/wpa_ccmp.o
   [BUILD] bin/wpa_psk.o
   [BUILD] bin/wpa_tkip.o
   [BUILD] bin/efi_image.o
   [BUILD] bin/elf.o
   [BUILD] bin/embedded.o
   [BUILD] bin/png.o
   [BUILD] bin/pnm.o
   [BUILD] bin/script.o
   [BUILD] bin/segment.o
   [BUILD] bin/cdc.o
   [BUILD] bin/eisa.o
   [BUILD] bin/isa.o
   [BUILD] bin/isa_ids.o
   [BUILD] bin/isapnp.o
   [BUILD] bin/mca.o
   [BUILD] bin/pcibackup.o
   [BUILD] bin/pci.o
   [BUILD] bin/pciextra.o
   [BUILD] bin/pci_settings.o
   [BUILD] bin/pcivpd.o
   [BUILD] bin/usb.o
   [BUILD] bin/virtio-pci.o
   [BUILD] bin/virtio-ring.o
   [BUILD] bin/3c503.o
   [BUILD] bin/3c509.o
   [BUILD] bin/3c509-eisa.o
   [BUILD] bin/3c515.o
   [BUILD] bin/3c529.o
   [BUILD] bin/3c595.o
   [BUILD] bin/3c5x9.o
   [BUILD] bin/3c90x.o
   [BUILD] bin/amd8111e.o
   [BUILD] bin/atl1e.o
   [BUILD] bin/b44.o
   [BUILD] bin/bnx2.o
   [BUILD] bin/cs89x0.o
   [BUILD] bin/davicom.o
   [BUILD] bin/depca.o
   [BUILD] bin/dm96xx.o
   [BUILD] bin/dmfe.o
   [BUILD] bin/ecm.o
   [BUILD] bin/eepro100.o
   [BUILD] bin/eepro.o
   [BUILD] bin/epic100.o
   [BUILD] bin/etherfabric.o
   [BUILD] bin/forcedeth.o
   [BUILD] bin/intel.o
   [BUILD] bin/intelx.o
   [BUILD] bin/ipoib.o
   [BUILD] bin/jme.o
   [BUILD] bin/legacy.o
   [BUILD] bin/mii.o
   [BUILD] bin/myri10ge.o
   [BUILD] bin/myson.o
   [BUILD] bin/natsemi.o
   [BUILD] bin/ncm.o
   [BUILD] bin/ne2k_isa.o
   [BUILD] bin/ne.o
   [BUILD] bin/netfront.o
   [BUILD] bin/netvsc.o
   [BUILD] bin/ns8390.o
   [BUILD] bin/pcnet32.o
   [BUILD] bin/pnic.o
   [BUILD] bin/prism2_pci.o
   [BUILD] bin/prism2_plx.o
   [BUILD] bin/realtek.o
   [BUILD] bin/rhine.o
   [BUILD] bin/sis190.o
   [BUILD] bin/sis900.o
   [BUILD] bin/skeleton.o
   [BUILD] bin/skge.o
   [BUILD] bin/sky2.o
   [BUILD] bin/smc9000.o
   [BUILD] bin/smsc75xx.o
   [BUILD] bin/sundance.o
   [BUILD] bin/tlan.o
   [BUILD] bin/tulip.o
   [BUILD] bin/velocity.o
   [BUILD] bin/virtio-net.o
   [BUILD] bin/vmxnet3.o
   [BUILD] bin/w89c840.o
   [BUILD] bin/wd.o
   [BUILD] bin/igb_82575.o
   [BUILD] bin/igb_api.o
   [BUILD] bin/igb.o
/tmp/cc9m9Wi1.s: Assembler messages:
/tmp/cc9m9Wi1.s:12: Error: invalid offset expression
/tmp/cc9m9Wi1.s:11: Error: invalid offset expression
make: *** [bin/igb.o] Error 1
make: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....
[root at localhost src]#

Could anyone points me out to what could be the signification of that 
message ?
Thanks in advance.
Patrick Agrain
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