[ipxe-devel] Multiple disks using sanhook/sanboot

Robin Smidsrød robin at smidsrod.no
Tue Mar 3 11:49:28 UTC 2015

On 03.03.2015 08:51, Krutskikh Ivan wrote:

> I am faced with the subj problem: booting windows with multiple iscsi
> disks attached. I know, that the strict answer to my question is : not
> possible. But after some googling I found out that guys from ccboot
> seemed to overcome this limitation in their proprietary
> solution(ex:http://www.ccboot.com/ccboot-multi-os-boot.htm and
> others). So what is limiting us from achieving the same result using
> opensource ipxe?

>From what I know of the code, it's the "wipe iBFT" call in
int13_describe() that is causing only one iSCSI volume to be supported.
I'm not sure why it is in there and if it is possible to disable, and if
that will make it possible to support multiple volumes.

I would recommend you try to mess around a bit with the code and see if
you're able to link up multiple volumes or not.

The code in question was added with commit

-- Robin

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