[ipxe-devel] HP NC523SFP / QLogic 82XX (QLogic cLOM8214) UNDI Driver - Network communication - DHCP

Felnhofer, Roland roland.felnhofer at danubeit.com
Wed Jun 17 08:08:21 UTC 2015

Dear all,


we have currently the following issue with iPXE:


We have 6 HP DL380 each with 2 HP NC523SFP 10Gb NICs. PXE is only enabled on
the first port of the first NIC.

We using chain-loading to load the iPXE stack.

The build in PXE boot without any problems, gets it’s IP address and all
other parameters via DHCP without any problems.

The iPXE stack gets loaded and initialized without issues as well.

When it comes to request a DHCP address the NIC sends its DHCP
 which is
received by the server. On the server you can see that a DHCP
. Gets sent
back to the “iPXE”-server.

After a while the “iPXE”-server responses with an timeout.


I’m sure you need addition information so tackle the problem! So what would
it be?


Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best regards


Roland Felnhofer


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