[ipxe-devel] Could not boot image: Error 0x7f048281

Linus Lüssing linus.luessing at c0d3.blue
Sun Dec 27 19:38:18 UTC 2015

On Sun, Dec 27, 2015 at 07:29:13PM +0100, Christian Nilsson wrote:
> Why are you trying to boot syslinux? can't you boot directly to the
> kernel from ipxe?

We have a little collection of various operating systems, e.g.
various Linux distros and handy tools, in our hackerspace here and
with a PXE capable laptop or one of the desktop computers here
together with the menu of the pxelinux people can choose which one
to boot, use and try.

This works out of the box for most devices here, but not for this
iMac yet. Ideally people would get the same menu through iPXE with
this iMac, too.

Of course, I could translate the pxelinux config into a grub.cfg
and copy that into the Grub2 config of Clonezilla. But there are
several people adding things to the central PXE server and I think
translating & syncing wouldn't work out for long.

By booting a syslinux.efi instead of the gpxelinux.0 I should be
able to get the same PXE setup and menu on the iMac, too,
shouldn't I? (sorry, if I'm completely missing something, not
super experienced with PXE, EFI, syslinux etc. myself :) )

Cheers, Linus

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