[ipxe-devel] Hard Lock on Chain Load from undionly.kpxe -> ipxe.pxe

Matthew Helton mwhelton at gmail.com
Fri Aug 21 19:23:42 UTC 2015

I have observed the following on commit 4e03a: When chainloading from
undionly.ipxe to ipxe.pxe there is a hard lockup:

Client system PXEs into undionly.kpxe normally...reaches out for the
${uuid}.ipxe file as normal:

[Error code]
http://mywebserver.mydomain.net/NetBoot/iPXE/bin/ipxe.pxe... ok
PXE->EB: !PXE at 94D4:07A0, entry point at 94D4:033D
                 UNDI Code segment 94D4:083C, data segment 955A:@e60
                 UNDI device is PCI 02:01.0, type DIX+802.3
                 609 kB free bade memory after PXE unload
[Error code/]

The actual scripted invocation from ${uuid}.ipxe is:

iseq ${chip} undionly && chain -ar ${17}/NetBoot/iPXE/bin/ipxe.pxe ||

Can anyone else confirm?



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