[ipxe-devel] UEFI wimboot

Levente LEVAI levail at aviatronic.hu
Thu Sep 4 13:53:30 UTC 2014

Dear Michael,

I got very excited about UEFI wimboot but hit some problems.
When running the textbook script below on my system the files
get downloaded (kernel and initrd commands pass) but after
wimboot starts I get the error

  Could not open simple file system: 0x8000000000000003

My setup:
I use UEFI PXE boot to kick off snponly.efi (via tftp) then I boot
via http (from snponly.efi)

   built from commit db014f3c23be19e11964d48f2bcb25b54a9bf722 (last
   working efi app version around beginning of this year that can
   launch efi binaries)

   built from HEAD (commit 08bcb74ca85d85bba93b3d8a9833e4debf49c31e)

My script (copied from http://ipxe.org/wimboot, my pe files are under
the directory 'malaga' on my http server, the files are UEFI capable,
when booting from USB stick they work)


kernel wimboot
initrd malaga/Boot/BCD         BCD
initrd malaga/Boot/boot.sdi    boot.sdi
initrd malaga/sources/boot.wim boot.wim

My first suspicion was that my snponly.efi does not expose the images
it downloaded as a simple file system protocol. So I tried to compile 
snponly.efi from HEAD but I found no snponly target in the makefile. 
Since I was quite happy with my old build so far I did not track
changes, is snponly.efi discontinued?

Anyhow, do I make some silly mistake? Can I somehow make my scenario

    UEFI PXE boot -tftp-> snponly.efi(?) -http-> WinPE

work with the existing tools?

Best regards,

> I'm pleased to announce that a new version of wimboot is available with support for UEFI.  Updated code and documentation is available at http://ipxe.org/wimboot along with the prebuilt binary.
> If you have a working BIOS wimboot setup then all you need to do is drop in the updated wimboot binary, which acts as a hybrid bzImage and 64-bit UEFI executable.
> Along with UEFI support, there are some other new features which may be of interest:
>  - ability to use multi-image WIMs with the image selected at runtime via the "index=" command-line parameter
>  - no need to supply a copy of bootmgr
>  - no need to supply font files
> Any test reports would be very welcome!
> Michael

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