[ipxe-devel] ${net1/mac} is empty

Michael Brown mcb30 at ipxe.org
Tue May 6 14:44:32 UTC 2014

On 06/05/14 02:22, Suresh Nathagoundenpalayam wrote:
> I'm trying to use iPXE with razor-server. I have a machine with two nics. But when I log into the iPXE and look at the config for this machine, I get info for only one of the nics. Is this a usual occurrence ? Is it possible to get the mac addresses for both the nics ie have both net1 and net0 populated ?
> boardmanufacturer: "Supermicro"
> boardproductname: "X10SLE"
> boardserialnumber: "NM13CS013211"
> macaddress1: "00:25:90:e7:74:aa"
> macaddress2: "00:25:90:e7:74:ab"

How are you loading iPXE?

If you are using undionly.kpxe, then that will only ever see the NIC 
from which it was chainloaded.  To get access to any other NICs, you 
will need to use native iPXE drivers (e.g. ipxe.pxe, ipxe.iso, etc) 
rather than the undionly driver.


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