[ipxe-devel] ${net1/mac} is empty

Suresh Nathagoundenpalayam suresh at pc-doctor.com
Tue May 6 01:22:22 UTC 2014


I'm trying to use iPXE with razor-server. I have a machine with two nics. But when I log into the iPXE and look at the config for this machine, I get info for only one of the nics. Is this a usual occurrence ? Is it possible to get the mac addresses for both the nics ie have both net1 and net0 populated ?

boardmanufacturer: "Supermicro"
boardproductname: "X10SLE"
boardserialnumber: "NM13CS013211"
macaddress1: "00:25:90:e7:74:aa"
macaddress2: "00:25:90:e7:74:ab"


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