[ipxe-devel] realtek 8168 GBit issue

Oliver Rath rath at mglug.de
Thu Mar 13 07:14:59 UTC 2014

Hi list,

I have an reproducable issue on realtek 8168 issue.

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 1. PC makes a could boot
 2. ipxe boots from usb (ipxe.usb)
 3. ipxe loads some linux over net (no network functionality compiled in)
 4. linux reboots
 5. PC makes a *warm* reboot
 6. ipxe boots from usb
 7. ipxe isnt able to get an IP address (link down?)

If i unplug the computer and wait 5 mins, the replug all and make a
coldboot, all is working again in the way above.

Maybe there is an issue with lost firmware? Could there something
overwritten by linux? Maybe a point of protected mode?

A pic is attached (Newest Code from yesterday, compiled with

make -j EMBED=sama.ipxe DEBUG=rtl818x,intel,dhcp,realtek bin/ipxe.usb

The start routine which hangs is

ifconf -c dhcp net0 && goto load_decision_script ||
echo Cant set ip-address from dhcp, retry
goto dhcp

There is the endless loop. Any ideas?



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