[ipxe-devel] is wimboot compatable with WinPE 5.1 ?

Bain.John John.Bain at cic.gc.ca
Mon Jun 23 20:06:38 UTC 2014

For the  last while I have been using pxelinux to launch wimboot 1.0.4 to boot my windows deployment built with WinPe 4.0

Recently however I have upgraded my deployment and am now using WinPE 5.1 . Using my old configuration, I've upgraded wimboot to 1.0.6 , I have copied over my new boot files and I am still not able to boot into WinPE 5.1

This is what my configuration looks like.

label engref2
menu label Engref2
com32 linux.c32
append wimboot

This configuration use to work in WinPE 4 but no longer in WinPE 5.1

Is there anything else I am missing ?

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