[ipxe-devel] PXE testing

Terry Burton tez at terryburton.co.uk
Tue Jun 10 08:48:49 UTC 2014

On 10 June 2014 08:40, Wissam Shoukair <wissams at mellanox.com> wrote:
> Last but not least, does anyone knows about a tool which generates packets
> according to what it received? For example, If I need to reproduce an issue
> with DHCP process, and a PXE client sends DHCP Discover, this tool should
> listen on port 67, handle the received DHCP Discover and generate a DHCP
> reply according to the info in the received DHCP Discover?

Have you considered Scapy [1] for this purpose.

Others have programmed it for DHCP-related purposes:


[1] http://www.secdev.org/projects/scapy/

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