[ipxe-devel] nfs-boot over vlan doesnt work

Oliver Rath rath at mglug.de
Fri Jul 11 18:23:59 UTC 2014

Hi list,

I try to boot linux via nfs-boot. At the moment I have two subnets: (standard) (vlan2 )

I boot ipxe with this embedded script:

#set cached 1
#dhcp || shell
vcreate --tag 2 net0
# getting 2nd ip over vlan works fine
ifconf net0-2 || shell
kernel --name vmlinuz
|| shell
imgargs vmlinuz ip=none root=/dev/nfs
nfsroot=${net0-2/gateway}:/home/oliver/gentoo-phone/ || shell

# loading kernel and imgargs works

The kernel will be loaded, but tcpdump shows, that the download comes
over eth0, not eth0.2; furthermore linuxkernel hängs while mounting
nfs-root over the given address. the gateway of net0-2 is set correctly.

Booting over normal lan works well.

whats wrong here?


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