[ipxe-devel] eeupdate and ipxe

Robin Smidsrød robin at smidsrod.no
Thu Jul 10 22:39:11 UTC 2014

On 10.07.2014 18:19, Karl Gilkey wrote:
> The network card I am trying to use iPXE with has a utility called
> eeupdate rather than BootUtil. Can you give me any guidance on burning
> iPXE into the cards memory?

Need more information before we can help you out. What is the PCI vendor
and device IDs for the card you're trying to program? Where is the
documentation for this eeupdate software? What are its parameters and

Once you know all of this, you should probably be able to make
bin/XXXXYYYY.rom, where XXXX is the PCI vendor ID of the card and YYYY
is the PCI device ID, and you can use eeupdate to burn it instead of a
normal PXE ROM for the network card.

But before you do that I'd try to make bin/ipxe.usb, dd it to a USB
stick and verify that the hardware is actually supported by booting it.
Details can be found on the http://ipxe.org/download page.

-- Robin

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