[ipxe-devel] sanhook timeout in spite of correct target + no ping

Oliver Rath rath at mglug.de
Thu Jan 30 19:46:28 UTC 2014

Hi list,

i have some strange error here: The command

sanhook --drive 0x80

timed out, although the correct target is set.

If I connect another PC to the same cable and search, i find it:

# iscsi_discovery
iscsiadm: No active sessions.
Set target iqn.2012-03.org.linuxtest.liotarget to automatic login over
tcp to portal
Logging out of session [sid: 1, target:
iqn.2012-03.org.linuxtest.liotarget, portal:,3260]
Logout of [sid: 1, target: iqn.2012-03.org.linuxtest.liotarget, portal:,3260]: successful
discovered 1 targets at

In the same case:


(it is compiled in) times out in ipxe). FYI: The parameter -t oder
--timeout cannot be set.
Furthermore i cannot ping the machine where ipxe runs although (seen in
config menu) the IP seems to be set.

Are there maybe restrictions in iscsi target name?



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