[ipxe-devel] Apple EFI SNP set ReceiveFilters patch

Curtis Larsen larsen at dixie.edu
Tue Aug 5 04:30:20 UTC 2014

Attached is the git diff for changes necessary to make the Apple EFI
allow SNP->ReceiveFilters to actually set SNP->RecieveFilterSetting.

Also included in the patch are a debugging routine to display the
SNP->Mode structure, a modification to snpnet_poll_rx to check if there
is something to receive, a possible typo correction in snpnet_poll_tx,
Michael Brown's change to open EFI driver protocols by GET_PROTOCOL, and
a debugging check for failed calls to DisconnectController.

The behavior seen in the Apple EFI (1.10) on SNP->RecieveFilters is:
- Failure if any of the PROMISCUOUS or MULTICAST filters are included
- Success if only UNICAST is included, however the result is UNICAST |
- Success if only UNICAST and BROADCAST are included
- If UNICAST, or UNICAST|BROADCAST are used, but the previous call tried
(and failed) to set UNICAST|BROADCAST|MULTICAST, then the result is

Yes, this sounds broken to me, but it's the way it works.

So, the modified code does tries using SNP->RecieveFilterMask, then
finally UNICAST.

I'd be happy to do any further testing, or to clean up the code anyway
you'd like.

Sorry, I didn't configure my editor for tabbed spacing, so I hope you
have a pretty-printer to filter through.


Curtis Larsen

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