[ipxe-devel] ipxe.lkrn chainloaded from pxelinux 4.03 does not work anymore

Thomas Mieslinger miesi at pc-h.de
Fri Nov 8 20:27:34 UTC 2013


I have an older ipxe.lkrn which identifies itself as version "9361". It 
just works when loaded from pxelinux 4.03.

I now compiled a new one with the last commit 
"c3d1e7869731c8cccb041ce05ee0ebbb3dc375d5". When it is chain loaded from 
pxelinux 4.03 a short message "Initializing Devices ..." is displayed 
and then Server (Dell PowerEdge R320) resets.

Can you give me a hint how I reset my local git to "9361".

Which Debug options should I set when I compile the current ipxe src to 
debug the "Initializing Devices ..."?

Thanks in advance


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