[ipxe-devel] [gPXE] gpxe on USB or HD

Yadin Flammer yxf4 at psu.edu
Thu Jun 13 20:22:54 UTC 2013

Thanks for the response.  I have tried ipxe and it also does not work.  
Trying to dd it to a drive under ubuntu 12 LTS results in a blank 
drive.  Copying the files from the ISO to the USB results in booting to 
a black screen with GRUB and a flashing cursor and nothing else.  I 
tried posting to the ipxe forums but they appear to not be working as no 
post happens and no error is given as to why.

Any advice on getting a USB drive to work with ipxe, as well as getting 
the forums to work so I can reach a wider audience, are appreciated.


On 6/13/2013 1:01 PM, Michael Brown wrote:
> On Thursday 13 Jun 2013 17:14:49 Yadin Flammer wrote:
>> I've been trying to get gpxe to boot from a USB drive, and even an
>> internal hard drive, but no luck.  Using the ISO for a CD works
>> perfectly, but a USB key would be much more convenient.  The .usb and
>> .dsk files that download appear to be corrupt every time as no
>> application can open them (winimage says they are corrupt), or the
>> contents when dd to a disk under linux are corrupt.  Copying the
>> contents of the .iso to a USB drive or internal HD does not result in a
>> bootable system regardless of the format or setup of the drive.
>> Has anyone managed to make a bootable USB key or internal drive with the
>> gpxe environment and if so precisely how?
> gPXE has not been maintained for several years.  Please upgrade to iPXE, which
> is the replacement for gPXE.
> You won't be able to open the .usb image, since it doesn't contain a
> filesystem.  It's a raw disk image; you need to transfer it to the USB key
> using dd (or equivalent).  Be aware that this will erase all existing content
> of the USB key.
> Michael

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