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Russ, Danny L. (KSC-ESC-622)[QinetiQ North America - ESC] danny.russ at nasa.gov
Tue Jul 2 20:47:12 UTC 2013


I work at Kennedy Space Center in Florida and we are currently using GPXE in some automation with DRBL and Clonezilla to image machines on our network.  Currently the version of gPXE that we are using does not seem to be compatible with our IBM Blade Centers using UEFI.  I would like to build a .lkrn image that would work on these blades so that we can boot DHCP to our DRBL server for imaging from within the GRUB boot loader.  I couldn't seem to find any documentation on the website on how this would be accomplished.  Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.


Danny Russ
Linux Systems Administrator
ESC – Team QNA
SSPF Building – Room 2223F4
Kennedy Space Center, FL
Office: (321) 867-5531
Email: danny.russ at nasa.gov<mailto:danny.russ at nasa.gov>
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