[ipxe-devel] chain --replace option not documented

Robin Smidsrød robin at smidsrod.no
Mon Jul 1 08:50:00 UTC 2013

On 30.06.2013 14:30, Oliver Rath wrote:
> Am 07.09.2012 19:41, schrieb Thomas Glanzmann:
>>> https://gist.github.com/2234639
> The here used --replace option isnt documented in www.ipxe.org
> Documentation. Is it realized at the moment or do I need a special patch?

It is in the standard build. Not sure why it's not documented. Probably
just forgotten. --replace and --autofree (or -ar) together is the
equivalent of a tail call (or exec in bash), i.e. you replace the
currently running script with a new one and you never exit back to the
previous one.

-- Robin

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