[ipxe-devel] Evolution proposal : zlib integration

René Garcia rene at margar.fr
Fri Jan 25 08:50:56 UTC 2013

These are the sizes in bytes I can see on my dev platform using gcc 

File size without zlib :
- rtl8139.rom : 66560
- ipxe.lkrn : 364549
- undionly.kpxe : 64429
- ipxe.iso : 753664

File size with zlib (1.2.7) :
- rtl8139.rom : 74240 (+7680)
- ipxe.lkrn : 372671 (+8122)
- undionly.kpxe : 72456 (+8027)
- ipxe.iso : 759808 (+6144)

Patch file is included to this post if someone wants to take a look.

Remarks / Todo :
- zlib compilation is not optional. May be usefull to disable it at 
compile time if not needed
- only usefull files of zlib are included
- crc32.c file from zlib has been renamed zlib-crc32.c (also exported 
symbols have been prefixed with zlib-) to prevent a conflict with an 
existing crc32.c file in ipxe
- uncompression is done on the flight while loading file. It's hard to 
know what will be the final module size. The allocated moemory for 
module may be larger than needed (does it hurt ?)
- to implement --unzip option to image load command I had to modify the 
image load function prototypes to add a flag parameter (imgdownload, 
imgdownload_string, imgacquire). This may be too intrusive.


Le 2013-01-24 17:12, Michael Brown a écrit :
> On 23/01/13 09:33, René Garcia wrote:
>> Are you interested with my contribution ? The main drawback is the 
>> small
>> size increase of iPXE. This may be critical for embeded ROM iPXE.
> It would be a useful feature to have.  What is the increase in size?
> Michael
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