[ipxe-devel] Sanboot hangs on HP BL460c G7

Gavin Williams gavin.williams at weareact.com
Tue Jan 8 16:02:37 UTC 2013


Many thanks for your reply.

Have run through the steps outlined on your referenced link, and can confirm that it works like a charm :)
Had to hack it together outside of Razor model, but seems to work ok :)

Now to see if can get it integrated into Razor in some way :)
Unless there's more investigation we can do to try and get sanboot to work with the local disks?


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On Jan 8, 2013, at 10:10 AM, Gavin Williams <gavin.williams at weareact.com<mailto:gavin.williams at weareact.com>> wrote:

Just tried 'sanboot' from an ipxe shell, and got the following:
'Could not describe SAN device 0x80: No such device (http://ipxe.org/2c85203b)'

Had a look at the page referenced, but didn't make much sense to me...
I'm fairly sure I'm running the latest version...

Any ideas?


From: Gavin Williams
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Subject: RE: [ipxe-devel] Sanboot hangs on HP BL460c G7


Havent tried sanhook or sanunhook... Can do though...

And no, I don't get any 'registered... ' output...

Just get:
'Booting from SAN Device 0x80'.
Have attached a screenshot of the console...

This is using the following ipxe script:
echo Razor <%= @label %> model boot_call
echo Installation node UUID : <%= node.uuid %>
echo Installation image UUID: <%= @image_uuid %>
echo Active Model node state: <%= @current_state %>
echo Continuing local boot

sleep 3
sanboot --no-describe --drive 0x80

Any ideas???


Oh okay, you're using sanboot against a local drive.  That does usually work, but ironically enough, you're the second fellow in as many days to have the exact same problem with a Proliant server here on the list ;)

There was a similar issue regarding virtualbox as well on the list in the past few days, and I typed up a workaround to the problem as an application note on the wiki yesterday, and would love to be able to either verify that it works on other systems, or at least confirm that I should come up with some more options!  Care to give it a try? :)


Andrew Bobulsky

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