[ipxe-devel] Booting from local disk on HP ProLiant machines

Michael Brown mbrown at fensystems.co.uk
Mon Jan 7 14:54:00 UTC 2013

On Monday 07 Jan 2013 14:19:54 Christoph Schug wrote:
> (BTW, what is actually the
> main difference between all those .kpxe, .kkpxe, .kkkpxe etc.?)

.kpxe : keep underlying UNDI driver loaded.  At least one "k" is required when 
trying to use the underlying UNDI driver (e.g. via undionly.kpxe) instead of a 
native driver (e.g. via intel.pxe).

.kkpxe : keep underlying UNDI driver and PXE base code loaded.  At least two 
"k"s are required if you have BIOS bugs that prevent you from booting the next 
device via INT 18, and must instead exit back via the original PXE stack.

.kkkpxe : keep underlying UNDI driver and PXE base code loaded, and provide 
the PXENV_FILE_EXIT_HOOK API required when building ipxelinux.0.  Unless you 
are building ipxelinux.0, you can completely ignore this.


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