[ipxe-devel] [Realtek]: Possible bug - cannot load ipxe when intel-sata controller is set to RAID

Joshua C. joshuacov at gmail.com
Mon Apr 15 11:47:25 UTC 2013

I have a strange problem with my bin/10ec8168.rom which I successfully
flashed in my bios. The orom loads and works normally when the intel-sata
controller is set to either AHCI/IDE/Disabled.When I set it to RAID-mode
then the orom doesn't load.

I reported this to the MB-verdor (msi motherboard) and they replied they
cannot reproduced the problem. This was accompanied with a screenshot that
clearly supports their answer.

So I'm puzzled as to what can cause the problem? Any ideas if some bios
calls/interrups (maybe resposible for loading the orom) can be hjacked by
the intel-orom when set to RAID-mode? How can I try to debug this? What can
it be?

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